Hello World!

Yes – I decided to go with a cliché first blog post.  Why not?  If it isn’t broke, then don’t fix it.

We’re living in a world where time is precious.  How has this happened?  Time doesn’t speed up, or slow down.  Oh – Except for when you’re having fun, that’s the only exception to the rule.

Therefore I’ve decided to start blogging.  Wait – This is a waste of time you say?  I’ve found many interesting things via blogs and it’s time for me to do my bit and oversee a blog that can be as diverse and as interesting as its audience; The whole world.  That’s why, this isn’t (just) another blog site.  Here, we…think outside the blog.

Sure, you can expect to find typical posts on all the things that interests me and the things I experience.  But, it isn’t about me…It’s about you, as this is the point of Blogs and Web 2.0 in fact – Collaboration.  2 way communication about anything and everything.  You may laugh at a blog post, or swear at it, or even find inspiration from it.  Either way, I hope that you can take something away from it.

I’m not an expert in any specific field as I enjoy diversity far too much.  You’ll see this expressed in post as I have a passion for many things including (and in no particular order); Food, technology, fitness, relationships, my deep thoughts, my family, my friends, my car (Alfa Romeo 147 – or I like to call her…”Cruz”), Heath, Life Lessons, Quotes, Love, Geeky things, silly things, weird things but above all…Life

This is it.  The end of the first post.  I hope you find it both vague & descriptive as a taste of things to come.

Enjoy and comment.

Yours digitally,



7 comments on “Hello World!

    • Cheers!

      Thanks for stopping by and glad you liked the sign off!

      My first comment is from a Californian? That is amazing ^_^

      I’m enjoying my little space on the internet. Do come and visit soon!

      • I’m actually tickled pink that I was the first commenter ! Just realized that now, hahaha ! Anyway, my advice… blog away ! Say anything ( that won’t compromise privacy )….

        Cheers !

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