No rest for the wicked!

I’ve been studying my Masters degree for just over 1 months now. I thought I’d share my experiences so far and can see how these develop over time.

-Aside from a few mad panics, it hasn’t been incredibly stressful (have I just jinxed it?)
Have only missed ONE class so far.
-Learnt that your experience of lectures etc is relative to how awake you are!
-Found out that being a student rep is time consuming but the knowing that you’re helping peeps is great
-Last time I had a drink was 9th September; my last day at work – Not really missing it- yet!
-Gym is a good way to cope with daily stresses – however, I feel stressed about being so busy with Uni work that I dont have time to work out 😦
-The tutors and lecturers have time and respect for you – this is in contrast to the relationship at undergraduate level
-The earlier you start an essay or assignment, the easier it is!

The last lesson learnt should be a given by now. But for example, take the essay that I’m currently working on. I began reading it a day after it was handed out. I kept reading and researching but 2 weeks into the 4 week deadline I got a bit lazy.

Then the stress factor kicked in and luckily I began working on it more, before it became too streasful aka “squeaky bum time”.

It’s in for Friday and I’m up working on it tonight (Tuesday), but progress is going well.

Essays at Masters level is not what I expected. The actual assignment question is really complex!

The assignment is that we must… “assume in the literature review process, you were asked to look and investigate the following theme/subject area:

The Challenges facing Web Development using Web 2.0

The attached paper was one of the resulting search outcomes”

What this means is the attached paper must be read/understood/critically evaluated, using a framework called PROMPT. Then discuss how relevant the paper is in relation to the theme (Challenges of web development in Web 2.0).

On top of this, discuss risk and ethical issues, topics that are missing from the paper and referencing system used – Oh and word limit is 1,100! Crazy, I know!

Anyway, the assignment is actually typical of the literature part of the Masters degree. The programming/development assignments have begun also.

Alongside this, I’ve been keeping on top of my freelance project, working out and cooking… But not sleep

No rest for the wicked!

Yours digitally,


P.s have sent an application for an interesting commercial project which I’m hoping and praying I’m accepted on!


4 comments on “No rest for the wicked!

  1. LOL @ “Squeaky bum time” – haha!
    If that’s just an assignment you described… I won’t want to imagine what you would have to go through for your Final Project at the end of your programme. “Hang in there bro”.
    Hopefully my Masters programme next year won’t be as stressful as yours (I’m sooo kidding). 😦

    • ‘Squeaky bum time’ – Not a term I use lightly LOL!

      What is your masters going to specalise in? As long as you enjoy it, it’ll be worth it bro 🙂

      BTW – I’ll have a heart attack if I think about Final Project/Dissertation at this stage 😮

    • Thanks!

      At first glance my first degree looks like a B.S degree – Get it? Haha…Lame-Jokes-R-Us

      The funny thing is, the planned and organised approach transcended into chaos and madness last week! Just abou recovering 😦

      Do you study?

      I’ve never actually thought of doing a PhD. . . Scary thoughts! 😮

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