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Final Farewell – Life After

We received many kind messages from friends, family and on twitter.  – Many thanks to you all

A lot of people told me about their stories of pets that have passed away and could really relate to our loss.  One or two people actually cried reading the last post (  And a friend said that he learnt a lot from our story on how we can give these hens a nice life, after they have suffered living in battery hens with no space, little or no sunlight and above all, no respect.  I was happy to hear that we have helped people understand this issue and would recommend you think about doing something similar.

I was asked what we did with the chicken.  Did we bury her?  Cremate her?  Somebody even wondered if we ate her.  I know she was a chicken, but just the thought of that is disgusting!  She was part of our family, we could never do something like that.

Unfortunately, I live away from home at the moment (studying my Masters degree in another city).  So my mum had to give her a fitting final farewell.  I do wish I was there…The family was and still is, really upset.

Last week, Sunday morning, my mum discovered the hen, Floppy, in the corner of the coop; head tucked in and looked to be at peace.  The other two chickens suspected something was wrong, but wasn’t too sure if she was just sleeping.  Remember, chickens aren’t that clever, but if she was left there for a few hours longer, they would have figured it out.

She was wrapped in an old t-shirt that we used to dry them sometimes, so it was familiar to her.  Then she was placed in an empty shoe box and placed in the garage hallway while Mum took a break to say her daily morning prayers.  After this, my brother woke up and wanted to say goodbye too.  He was upset and saddened but not surprised after she had been suffering for a few days.  In a way, we were relieved but wanted her to recover.

After Mum said her prayers and thanked God, Mum placed some flowers inside and on top of the box.  It was actually remembrance Sunday and we had a Poppy in the garden.  How fitting?

We did not want to bury her in the garden as a fox could dig her up one day, which would be terrible.  Instead cardboard was placed in our dustbin outside and then my brother lowered the make-shift coffin into the bin.  Another other rubbish and trash was put into bin bags instead of the dustbin, so nothing would go onto the box she was in.

It has been a difficult time for us all. It seems very odd only seeing 2 chickens running around, my Mum says.  I am so glad I was able to visit home a week before she passed away, and I did think it may be the last time I would see her.

We can take solace in the fact that we treated her well and she got on well with the other two chickens.  She will be missed for certain, by us, friends and family.  And of course by the other two.  One of the chickens (The darker brown one in previous post picture), kept going in and out the coop last Sunday looking for the chicken that passed away.  They used to peck each other in a friendly way 😦

I am not looking forward to going home for Christmas holidays, as it will then become even more real when I can’t see her or pick her up anymore 😦

She was a good egg!  Laughter helps with the pain right?

Floppy (Pet chicken)

RIP - Goodbye Floppy


One comment on “Final Farewell – Life After

  1. My dad cried the most when our Labrador passed away. He was a big dog, but was the gentlest dog we ever had. … did not even bark at starngers…. useless as a guard dog, anyway… T.T , but we all loved him so. So yeah, I can relate to the sadness you are feeling now.

    Cheer up.

    BTW, I don’t know now what I’d feel if I saw a chicken dish on the dining table. (6_6) #

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