Me & my Uncle

Nobody Ever Really Dies (N.E.R.D)

As we get older, we realise that specific dates have a certain meaning associated to them.  Today is one of those significant days.  29th November.  2 years ago, my (favourite) uncle passed away.

He was more than a great person.  He was truly special.  He’s gone, but not forgotten…Nobody Ever Really Dies.

The eldest of 6 kids, he was born and raised in Mombasa, Kenya.  He was the first family member to emigrate to England after gaining enrollment to Oxford University to study Physics.  Major accomplishment – He was the only Asian student in his class!

Since then his career took him to software programming and all sorts of technical roles, including working for software developers in the Health sector.

He was there for a lot of people, including myself.  He would give anybody the time of day and always wanted to know what their interests were and what they did inside and outside of work/studies.  A really humble and down to Earth person who treated everybody the same and wanted to spread one thing – The power of Knowledge.

About 10yrs ago he developed diabetes and his career took a wrong turn.  While it did upset him, he still did his best to serve other people and teach us.

I had the honour for delivering the eulogy at his funeral.  Only on that day did I learn, that he was once offered a job at NASA!  I will never know why he turned it down.  He never mentioned it to me, or our family!

He was my guru.  Always supported me and taught me so many things.  Most of all, he taught me that life is for learning and we should appreciate those around us.

I still remember our long conversations when he would stay over for the weekend or holidays.  I remember a random conversation about circus shows, and how it all began.  He knew so many things, had been through so much, but he wouldn’t ever make you feel inferior.

If my friends were round, he’d almost interview them! Finding out what they’re studying etc.  I remember once, he somehow got into a conversation with my friend about how the TV remote laser works!

I even remember when he helped us order our first computer.  A Gateway 2,000, top of the range…processor speed back then was 200MHz!  We had to pay extra for the CD-ROM drive; the Floppy disk drive was standard, and now this is obsolete!

He stayed up all night with me, showing me the world of Windows 95 and Flight simulator.  We spent countless nights playing Worms 2 and other games on my first computer.

One thing I’ll always remember.  When I found out I passed my Undergraduate degree, my Mum told all our relatives.  My Uncle wanted to come, but his car wasn’t working.  But turned up at my parents, after catching the train, and they travelled up to my University!  He attended my graduation and made it special.

Anyway – I digress.  I mentioned him in my first blog, indirectly.  He was always asking me to set up a blog.  Tell the world my story.  I don’t know what my story is…But he will always be part of it. 

2yrs ago I didn’t know that I would be back at University to study my Masters degree, I’m not sure what he would have said!  All I know is, I’ll try my best to make him proud.  I hope I can live up to that task.

RIP Subhash Parmar.

An Uncle to me, and a Guru to many.


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