Nike+ Sports Band – A Review

Nike has been offering running gadgets for a few years now. An earlier bit of technology was the attachment for the Apple iPod nano, for use with the Nike plus trainers. I used this combination of kit for years and really enjoyed it. It even got me through the London Marathon in 2010! When I lost the Apple iPod attachment a few months ago I had my eyes on this and my partner bought it for me as a birthday gift. I’ve been using this bit of tech for almost 3 months now…It is definitely suitable for any type of runner, whether you run occasionally and want to track your time, or whether you run as part of sports training and want to meet personal goals. The Nike+ Sports Band can help you – As long as you have Nike+ running trainer’s which has the compartment allowing for the Nike+ sensor to fit…

Price – £45 from Nike via,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-300/pid-341403/pgid-254691 or around £35 from Amazon via

Size – Adjustable strap which is comfortable and water resistant so no problem about sweat or rain.

Battery – Excellent. Lasts approx. 14hours of running time before charge is required. But whenever you connect the sports band to your computer to upload latest run times, the sports band battery will charge itself. A full charge from 0% would take 2hrs, which is a great return.

Installation – Simple instructions include downloading free Nike software to your computer before it can be configured.

Set up – Also simple, just put in the Nike+ sensor (comes with the Sports Band) into your Nike+ shoe and press the main button and walk around for it to pick up the signal.

How to use – 2 buttons. Main button to start, pause and stop your work out. The side button is to toggle through a range of different stats from; actual time, distance, pace, running time (chrono) and calories burnt.

When you finish running you can easily upload your run times and this is very simple


For the features it has, it’s very light and simple to use. I’m especially happy with the quality of the strap itself as it seems quite durable so far, the (plenty) of sweat that it has endured has not even marked the aesthetics of it.

I’ve never been a fan of running with more than I need to (Therefore never run with my iPhone), and the combination of it being light and the strap being comfortable, I think it really fulfils this criteria.

Connecting the Sports Band to your computer fires up the (free) software mentioned earlier and automatically uploads any of your run work outs since last upload, to the Nike+ website ( Your browser will also take you there to show you information about your run including milestones and achievements! See below pic


This is great to see stand out achievements from the last run and important info like total distance, run time, avg page and calories burnt! You’ll also see animation when you complete specific goals and objectives which is pretty cool! Similar idea for when Lance Armstrong or Tiger Woods would say well done when you make a personal best in the Nike+ iPod attachment…


You can see the same run info this time with a graph and scroll through the other runs through the calendar

Part of the Nike+ website is to connect with the community of other runners and comparisons with them and is part of the NikeFuel concept…


It’s a nice little thing which works well; always makes you want to run quicker and keep the pace down.


Personally can’t think of any. The major difference with the iPod attachment from Nike+ which I used for years before this had the graphs and stats on the iPod, whereas with the Sports Band only the actual stats are on the Sports Band. The rest of the graphs and also split times for each mile are on the website, which is great.

I would worry about dropping the sports band, it hasn’t happened yet but knowing my luck it would do soon! I’m hoping it would survive being dropped but you never know.

As mentioned earlier, compatiable Nike+ trainers are required for this. They are not cheap, but if you’re even an occasional runner you’ll see a return in them.

The screen can be difficult to read when you run in the dead of night, would be great if it was backlit with an LED.


Unless you’ve not been concentrating, my opinion is this gadget is amazing. It does everything it needs to and is a big improvement from the previous technology Nike+ has released and there’s no dependency on having an iPod or an iPhone. The only requirement is having a pair of compatible Nike+ trainer.

All of the features have been described under ‘Positives’ as they literally all are flawless and I recommend it highly especially if you are into running or running as part of your work outs. The Nike+ fuel band is more popular from what I’ve seen and the Nike Sports Watch is not popular, but I guess they have different uses.

I’ve not really mentioned the NikeFuel aspect because I see it more as just a conversion of energy used and is not really part of my goals but I can see it being useful. I’ve added one other Nike+ member who I follow on Twitter (Tweet Me) in the Friends area and it’s great to see other peoples goals, targets and then them meeting them. I’m guessing I willuse the goals feature more in the next few weeks and will post my experiences of them soon,

Do you use the Nike+ Sports Band? Or any similar products? Let me know what you think!


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