NikePlus Sports Band & Running – Update (Small glitch?)

I mentioned in the last post that I’ve been using the NikePlus Sports Band to track my running performance for a few months.  I’ve also been running more as part of a Life Style Change that I’ve made.  The NikePlus Sports Band really is helping with my goals and performance.  But first a quick bit about a small glitch I found…

Last week, I had 2 runs stored and ready to upload.  Yet when I connected up the Sports Band to my laptop via USB, it said ‘No new work outs to upload”, which was a bit strange!

I disconnected it and connected it back a few times and still gave me the same error.  Obviously it’s really annoying as I’ve grown to rely on it to monitor my running and I want to see how I’m progressing.

I panicked a bit and then naturally went to Google to see if this is a common glitch, but I only found one person asking about this specific issue and he was told to look to the NikePlus forums.  I didn’t bother chasing that up, instead I just went to the usual website and somehow (Magically) the last 2 run data appeared.  Very random and strange as I couldn’t actually see it uploading so actually thought it was lost.

I’ve since been running and uploaded my data without this error occurring again, but it’s worth noting that it’s happened to me and could happen to you too – But nothing to worry about, just check that it appears in your profile and it’s all good.  Let me know if this happened ot you or if there’s a solution?  Might be handy in the future…

Running Performance

Fastest 1k

Fastest 1k

Fastest 5k

Fastest 5k






As you can see, the sports band is really good at recognising achievements and I’ve definitely been performing better as part of the Life Style Change I’ve made exactly 28 days ago.

On the fitness side of things, I’m focusing on core & abs training (Mostly) with fat burning.  Fat burning is all about high metabolism, and the best way to achieve this is to build/tone muscle.  So the core and abs training does this, but then the running (Cardio) helps to burn off extra fat.  I’m choosing to change from endurance/long distance and slow pace to shorter, more regular, faster paced running!

This is having a much better effect for me personally.  As I’m really used to running for an hour; running for half an hour means I don’t feel too tired the next day.  I have enough in the tank to go running more regular and make the healthy eating and other training (Various weights in the gym – Mostly chest, back and shoulders) really pay off.  More about the Life Style Change later.

The NikePlus website is helping, even though I *just* missed out on the last goal I set up!  You can see below the running distance I’ve achieved in the last 30 days in comparison to others.  Last time I checked, this chart was really different.  Also my running pace is actually more than a minute quicker than other runners my age!

Distance comparison: Me vs NikePlus Community

Let me know what you think about the NikePlus Sports Band or other running equipment and how you are setting goals 🙂

You can always reply with a comment below or tweet me.


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