From left over Roast Veg to tasty Bubble & Squeak!

 A few years ago all the big supermarkets used to stock frozen Bubble & Squeak, now it’s hard to find anywhere.  I asked a few people on Twitter and like me, they grew up eating it along with other frozen food.  Just before Christmas I saw a Jamie Oliver TV show on Christmas cooking and a recipe to turn your left over Roast Potatoes & Veg into a very scrummy Bubble & Squeak!

Jamie’s recipe was more of a pie than individual bubble & squeaks and included poaching eggs into it.  One great tip from him, especially with using left over roast potatoes and veg is to make sure you have equal portions of each, as the potatoes will hold the whole mix together.  Here’s a quick step by step…


Equal portions of roast potatoes & roast veg (We had roast carrots, parsnips, peas and some boiled brussel sprouts)

Seasoning & chilli


Step 1

Get mashing!

Get mashing!

Mash up both the roast and potatoes in one bowl.  If your left overs have been in the fridge then soften it up by warming in the microwave to help you mash it up.

Add in any other ingredients.  I added a whole red onion, sweet corn and extra brussel sprouts.  As long as the veg is roughly equal to the amount of potatoes you have, it’ll hold together!

Add some seasoning too – Black pepper, chilli, herbs etc.  As we used herbs and other seasoning in the roast veg originally, we didn’t need to add much more to it.  Lemon would have been a nice twist to it come to think…

Step 2

photo 2

Get a board ready to roll the bubble & squeak on to.  I found doing it by hand was the easiest and having a bowl of breadcrumbs helped as you can see below.  Press in as much breadcrumbs as you can, as this will give a nice coating.

photo 3

Step 3

photo 5

These only took roughly 20 minutes to prep!  Press in any left over breadcrumbs if you can, especially if you have a bit of veg trying to escape from the bubble & squeak!

Step 4

Pan Fry or oven bake?  I wasn’t sure which to do (Jamie did his one big bubble 7 squeak in a pan, then finished in the oven), so I pan fried 4 and put the rest in the oven for about 40mins.

Pan Fry – Best to use sunflower oil as it helps make it crispy.  I found that my bubble & squeak didn’t crisp up on the sides as it was too thick.  Frying took about 5 minutes each. 

Pan fried

Pan fried

Oven bake – Grease under each bubble & squeak with a bit of oil.  This was a much better option, but takes longer.  Can’t beat that golden finish though!

Oven baked

Oven baked

The whole family enjoyed this on Boxing Day and would definitely make this again using the left over veg!  Enjoy 🙂

 photo 4


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