Leicester Half-Marathon – 1 week to go!

I haven’t blogged for awhile, but training has been so good – Focusing around shredding for a few weeks, then core training and now endurance ahead of the big race! The last race I did was the 10k in Leicester in April and that was brilliant. Such a nice day and really enjoyed the atmosphere and event itself. That race came as I was building up pace in training and in the lifestyle change itself and really worked well as a catalyst to lose fat and put on some muscle. My time there was 48minutes which I was chuffed about.

Since April’s race my discipline has improved, built up knowledge around fitness and nutrition as well as performance. After this I knew shorter distances are more beneficial to my fitness goals (I’d rather look more like Usuain Bolt than Mo Farrah!). A few weeks after the race, one of my friends passed away from cancer which really upset me. He was looked after by LOROS Hospice in his final stages and a few weeks after that I lost 2 uncles. One from terminal cancer (LOROS again did a brilliant job in caring for him and the family) and another from cardiac arrest. So this was the reason for entering the Leicester Half marathon, I wanted to run in their memory but also to raise funds for LOROS Hospice so that they can carry on providing the much needed support and case for people that needs their help. The great thing about Hospices like LOROS is that they care for people who are terminally ill and with any sort of illness, especially with NHS aren’t able to offer any treatment. Also with my uncle, they helped him spend his final days at home with his family…

Training for the race has been difficult for various reasons – Stress, fitting in time to train around work, other commitments and also some minor injuries. But – I’ve really increased core strength, pace and 2 weeks ago did a 6 mile run without much prep in 51 minutes under difficult conditions. Then last Monday after work I did a 10 mile run in 1hr 25 minutes. This kind of pace sets me up with a goal of 1hr 50 minutes for the half marathon which I would be really happy with. Obviously with carb loading, some energy drinks before, hydration during the race (I never drink during running when I’m on my own), plus the hype of the race should see a better pace. But I am really worried about a knee ligament issue I had before the London Marathon in 2010 and cropped up 2 weeks ago again. And my running trainers are showing serious signs of wear and tear so now I have the dilemma of whether to stick with what I have and it may fall apart during the race, or try and break into new trainers and get used to them a week before the run! The ones I’m thinking of getting is the featured pic.

Anyway, this was just a bit of a ramble to let you into my mind and to share the link to the just giving page so you can read the story there and provide any support which would be really appreciated! Why not tweet me?


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