About me

I’m a self celebrated Geek Boy (GeekSquad2.0 founder), Foodie (FoodClub founder), and a minor fitness freak. I ran my first marathon last year; The London Marathon, and in the process, raised over £400 for the Leukaemia Care charity. I enjoy keeping up with what’s happening all over the world, from various cultures, health & science and entertainment.

Tweet Me!

I tweet and blog a range of things from funny stories, love & relationships, family, deep thoughts, problems & solutions, technology and anything in between!

About this blog

This blog wants you to know that he hopes to make you laugh sometimes, cry sometimes and think (Yes, this blog already has a subconscious). I hope you enjoy reading this blog, and seeing it evolve. Please feel free to post a comment on anything you’d like.

How about visiting the first blog post? This new born said a lot to the World —>; https://iamtonguencheek.wordpress.com/2011/10/22/hello-world-2/

Some other recent stuff

I have a technical background with a BSc in Software Engineering and I’ve recently completed a Masters Degree in Computing & Management, which achieved a 1st class!  My dissertation was investigating the extent to which the agile IT project management approach to software development is being adopted in a real/live IT Project.  I used a portfolio approach which is much more creative than a traditional approach and the dissertation itself also got a 1st, with 80% mark!  It received the ‘Oracle Prize’ for outstanding achievement.

All of this, in addition to being a student representative and always receiving good feedback about my advice; I’ve set up the Advice4StudentsUK project.  The twitter account for this is @advice_students – Providing advice & support to any students; from essay writing, exams, all aspects of dissertations, finance and accomodation – Anything relating to student life and studying really!

I’ve made a life style change on 1st Oct 2012 which includes healthy food, fitness and other stuff.  I’ll be blogging about this, my experiences, lessons learnt etc…!


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